Mission Supernova

In the history of the human being, there have been eras whose events have marked the evolution and involution of the human being. From the dawn to the present day, human history has been marked by extraordinary and terrifying events, duality has played its role and embodied souls have experienced both sides of the same coin.

Humanity is on the cusp of a true dimensional shift, which will lead to an evolution from an adolescent to an adult state, and this process will be accelerated by the use of technologies, as yet unknown to most, technologies that will serve Life in all its forms, accelerating the process of the Union of Polarities.

Supernova is the virtual home to which all those who wish to be part of this epochal change in consciousness will have access to learn, know and experience.
From the shadows of history will re-emerge events never told or hushed up for centuries, the Truth will be seen and not told, Justice will triumph and finally Humanity will be able to coexist peacefully and in harmony with the Whole.
The great journey is about to begin, the Master Way of Knowledge will lead us to the New World.