The Assisi Declaration was presented on 3 May 2019, an “international declaration against media walls and the use of words as stones”.
The paper was signed by personalities from all over the world and taken as an example as a model of human dialogue both intercultural and interreligious, to promote a culture of peace and true communication.

1. Hostility is a barrier to understanding. With respect to the right-duty of reporting and people, we need to understand. We write about others what we would like to be written about ourselves.

2. Correct information is always correct, it is trust and loyalty that build an honest relationship with the public. Let’s not be afraid to give a correction when we realise we have been wrong.

3. We defend our dignity as persons, but also that of others, made up of diversity and differences. Everyone has the right to speak and to be visible. Let us give voice to the weakest.

4. We build opinions on facts and when communicating we respect data values for complete and correct information. Behind the figures there are human beings. We learn the good of giving the right numbers.

5. If misused, words can hurt and kill. Let us give conscience primacy again: let us erase violence from our websites and blogs, denounce keyboard brawlers and commit ourselves to healing conflicts. Words are stones, let us use them to build bridges.

6. Let us be spokespeople for those who thirst for truth, peace and social justice. When a reporter is threatened by crime and mafias, let us not leave him alone, let us take him on his journey. Let us become media escorts of the truth.

7. Through our work we can illuminate the peripheries of the world and of the spirit. A far more rewarding mission than shining the spotlight on our own people. We do not think we are the centre of the world.

8. The Internet is a revolution, but what we communicate is a revelation of who we are. Let our profile be authentic and transparent. The web is a precious good: let’s live it also as a common good.

9. Society is not a tangle of threads, but a network of people: a community in which we can recognise ourselves as brothers and sisters. Political, cultural and religious pluralism is a fundamental value. Let us connect people.

10. It is necessary to take the good news to the streets, today a revolution awaits us in the new agora of the Net. Let us give body to the news, let us take it to the digital squares.